San Diego Wild Animal Park

We had a great day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We started off our visit by visiting the baby cheetahs. The were so cute!

After cheetahs, we were able to just make it to the bird show.

Next we went on the Journey Into Africa tour.

After the tram ride we got the kids to pose in front of the lions.

We then got them to pose in front of the African overlook.

Next stop was lunch and letting the kids play in the play area.

We stopped by the gorilla enclosure, but the gorillas were taking a break today.

We then saw the flamingos and meerkats.

And visited the petting zoo.

It was then time for the bubble show.

After the bubble show, we visited the elephants.

Then we saw the tiger.

Next I took the boys and Falyn to see Dino Mountain.

We saved the carousel for last.

Falyn fell asleep soon after we left.

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