Soccer Season Started

Today marked the start of soccer season for this year. I was only able to make it to the twins game today, but plan to go to Aidan and Kayli’s games next week. The twins team did very well. This is Jared and Riley’s first year in U8. There are several kids on their team that have never played soccer before, so this was their very first game. Their team name is “Green Asteroids”. This year I dyed the twins shoelaces too make it easier to tell them apart on the field. Jared has blue shoelaces and Riley has green ones.

Here’s a few pictures from their game.

I took pictures of all the kids before their games.



Riley is #6 and Jared is #5

Riley has the green shoelaces and Jared the blue ones

This is Aidan’s first year in U10. He has a really great coach and their team won 3-1 today. His team is the “Blazing Rockets”.

Kayli is in U12 again this year. She is on the youngest team in her division and their are a few girls on her team that haven’t played soccer before. They were playing against one of the oldest teams and lost today. Her team is the “Slimeinators”.


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