Aidan’s First Cotillion

Aidan had his first Cotillion last night. He looked so cute all dressed up. He paid close attention as they explained how to do the Cha Cha and then did his best to get it right once they had them try it on their own. He was first paired with a girl he did not know. Later his partner was a girl from his school, Kelsey. Together they won the game. Aidan had to announce his name and his partners name to everyone as part of being the game winner. He did such a great job! Aidan picked out a football a his prize. He said he was surprised that they won. He also said that he enjoyed Cotillion and that he liked dancing with a girl he knew better than dancing with one he didn’t know.

Here’s some pictures from last night.

Aidan dancing with Kelsey.

Aidan announcing his and his partner’s name.

Aidan and Kelsey with their prizes.

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