“I wasn’t throwing things, I was playing dodge toys!”

The older kids were all playing outside, when the girls came in to tell me that Aidan was throwing toys at them. I had Aidan come in and questioned him about it. His reponse was “I wasn’t throwing things, I was playing dodge toys!”. His sisters, however, wanted no part of “dodge toys”. Where do kids come up with this stuff?

Sick Kids!

Aidan has been running a fever the last few days. The twins have also had one, but theirs has not been as high as his. Hopefully they will all be feeling better tomorrow. Having to deal with a bunch of sick kids is not fun at all!

Kayli definitely has 5th disease. She broke out in the rash over the weekend. It looks just like all the pictures of the 5th disease rash I was able to find on the internet. This pretty much confirms in my mind that I had 5th disease when I was sick last month.

The Comet Incident

I was on the computer when I smelled comet. I thought that was weird and went to investigate. These pictures show what I found. They had spilled a nearly full container of comet all over the floor! Aidan had undone the locks on the cabinet and I’m sure he was the instigator of this mess. He thought it was quite fun to slide around the kitchen on the stuff. I grab the camera and took a few pictures before thinking that the comet could be poisonous and I better call poison control. I strip the twins and strap them into their highchairs. Clean them off to prevent them getting any more of it in their mouth and of course I then couldn’t find the number for poison control. So, I called my neighbor who gave me the number. I called them and they said that since they likely only ingested a little bit it likely would have no effect. But that they might vomit in the next hour or so. Then I start the huge job of cleaning up the mess. Of course this all happened right before lunch, so the kids were all hungry. I had to get them lunch and try to get the kitchen cleaned all at the same time. We had to mop the floor about five times to get all the comet residue off of it. At least none of them got sick!