Happy Easter

We had a great Easter. We spent the morning at home, went to the noon mass, then spent the afternoon and evening at Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Ron’s house. It was especially fun this year because Dan’s brother and his family were visiting from France.


Dyeing Easter Eggs

We had our annual Easter Egg Dyeing Day this morning. The kids’ French cousins are in town for a visit and came over to see how we dye eggs here in America. It was lots of fun.

SBS Open House 2012

Tonight was open house at the younger kids’ school. We had a great time visiting all the classrooms and looking at all their work.

Falyn with her teacher.

Kayli with some of her work.

Aidan got 3rd place for his state float!

Jared and Riley with their teacher.

The Minear Bunch

With three girls and three boys in our family, I hear a lot that we have a “Brady Bunch” family. I’ve been wanting to put together something like this for a while but never had individual pictures of everyone taken at the same time. During our Christmas Card photo shoot I took individual shots of all eight of us.

Daleks Play with Hello Kitty

Along with a yellow Dalek, Falyn received several Hello Kitty Mega Blocks sets for Christmas. She absolutely adores her Dalek, she even took it to bed with her, tucking it under the covers so it won’t get cold. She also loves Hello Kitty and had a bunch of fun putting together all of her Hellow itty sets. She then went and got her Dalek and told me that the Dalek likes Hello Kitty and she set it up to play with them. Who knew that Daleks and Hello Kitties were such good friends?