New Large Family Items

This design contains a list of the top 5 things heard by parents of many kids. I’m sure all parents of large families have heard these lines many, many times!
List includes:
1. You sure have your hands full.
2. Are they are yours?
3. I don’t know how you do it!
4. You are done now, aren’t you?
5. Don’t you know what causes that?

All are available in our large family shop, located here.

I’m a Twincess

Twin + Princess = Twincess

This is a cute new design for twin girls who love to pretend they are a princess. You can see all the available products here.

Also available, a design for sisters of twin girls. You’ll find the Sister Princess items here.

Some Fun New Designs

Design says “peace love twins”. Cute design for twins, twin moms and twin dads too! Perfect for peace loving twins!

The stunt double items are so popular now, that I decided to do one for twins. It says, “I have my own stunt double”.

This is a fun design for identical twins, but works well for other twins too. This takes the idea of the copy and paste “buttons” on your computer and puts it in on your twins. One twin is the copy and other other is the paste.

All American Twins Design

Just in time for the 4th of July, I’ve added this fun new patriotic design to my store. I have a version for twins, twin mom, twin dad, triplets, triplet mom and triplet dad. This is also a great design for memorial day and labor day.

I laugh at your one baby

I just added this design to my store. It is a fun design for those of you juggling multiple babies. The text says “One baby? I laugh at your one baby! You should try juggling multiple babies sometime…”.

Cafepress Affiliate Program

Do you have a multiples related site? If so, you might want to looking into Cafepress’s new Affiliate program where you get 20% of any sales that come from click-thrus from your site. I have a twins related cafepress store and just put up an affiliate page which has instructions for joining the affiliate program and contains all the html code you need to add a link to your site. If you are interested, you can read more about it here.

New Storefront Online!

I finally finished getting my twins and triplets apparel store online. It’s not just apparel, but has stuff like mugs, bags, cards, stamps, aprons, and bumper stickers too. I’ve got over 800 different items in the store right now, with my goal being to have over 1000 items. You can check it out here.