Falyn’s Dance Recital

Falyn’s dance school had their annual recital today. Falyn’s class did a tap routine to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. Falyn’s shoe fell off in the middle of the dance. She sat down, put the shoe back on and then pick right back up in the dance, just like a pro. She said she had a great time on stage. She just loves performing.

Video from the dress rehersal

Happy 6th Birthday Falyn!

Hard to believe that the “baby” of the family turned six today. She is so smart and outgoing. She lights up a room just by being there. She is not the type to fade into the background. When she is around you know it. She is destined for great things one day.

Daisy Fire Station Visit

Falyn had a great time touring the Fire Station with her Daisy Girl Scout troop. They got to see where the fire fighters slept, ate and worked out. They also got to check out a fire engine. They got fire fighter hats and coloring books at the end of their tour.

Falyn is so excited to finally be a Girl Scout and selling Girl Scout cookies. She had her own cookie booth in front of our house today. She sold a bunch of boxes of cookies. We also took some pictures of her with the cookies to put on a flyer for Daddy to take to work.