Falyn’s First Day at the Beach

We spent most of the day yesterday at the beach. My SIL, Samantha, came with me to help out with the kids. It was a beautiful day to be at the beach! The kids had a blast playing in the water with Samantha. Falyn slept a lot of the time we were there, but did enjoy sitting in her bumbo seat watching the ocean while she was awake. Everyone that walked by commented on how cute she was.

At some point during the day, I was sitting in my beach chair, holding Falyn, eating a cholocate-chip cookie that Samantha made and drinking my Dr. Pepper, when I thought, “This is the life”. Samantha was down at the water with all the kids – I bet she wasn’t thinkintg that! That feeling lasted about a minute or two before one of the boys came running up and had to be taken to the bathroom.

It Really Is A Small World

I don’t often see people I know when I’m out and about during the day. Yesterday I saw people I knew every place I went. I took Kayli to the doctor for a check-up and while there saw someone I knew from the twins club and someone I knew from church. I took the boys to swim class and saw a very old friend that I hadn’t seen in years. Then I went to Costco and saw a friend from the kids school. With the number of people that live in this county (approx. 3 million), I don’t expect to see people I know. Seeing someone I know at random places like that during the day is very rare.

Swim Class Was A Disaster

Jared, Riley and Aidan had their first swim class of the summer today. It’s a 1/2 hour class and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We got there and the gate was locked. The person that is suppose to do the registration is not there and there is someone else filling in that showed up late because of a wreck on the freeway. This person doesn’t know how the boys teacher is suppose to be. Everyone starts getting in the water and I’m asking who is suppose to be their teacher and no one seems to know anything. I finally am able to get the fill in person to find their name on the roster and tell me that their teacher is Allison. Turns out that Allison is also not there and some other guy is taking over the class for her. I finally hand the boys over to him and go sit back down with the girls to watch. They start off with kick boards and Aidan is having a blast. Riley doesn’t want to do it and Jared starts screaming. I go over and tell Jared he hast to do the class and he says he wants a kick board. I told him that if he gets in he can have one. So, he gets back in and both Riley and Jared do the kick board. After that they go to pushing off the side and kicking to the teacher. Aidan does great and neither Jared or Riley will do anything. The rest of the class goes pretty much the same way. Aidan does great and loves it. Jared and Riley hate it and keep crying and won’t do anything. (They seem to have this reaction to anything new.) The instructor let them sit on the side and cry and do nothing. I told him that he needed to make them do stuff, but he didn’t. They spent the majority of the class on the side of the pool doing nothing! I don’t pay good money for a class to have the instructor let them get away with doing nothing. Their regular instructor had better not do that next week or I will be very unhappy with the program there and let the director know. I had a long talk with Jared and Riley about particpating in the class. I let them know that if they didn’t particpate, the wouldn’t get a treat. Yes, I am resorting to bribery. But heck, you got to go with what works! This worked well in getting them to participate in speech class, so I’m hoping it will work with swim class too.

Falyn Rolled Over!

I just got Falyn up from her nap and she was on her back in the crib. She always sleeps in her stomach and was sound asleep that way the last time I checked on her. (Ya, I know, you are suppose to put babies to sleep on their backs, but she absolutely positively will not sleep that way and yes I have tried to get her to.) She must have rolled over after she woke up. This is the first time she has rolled over on her own.

Kayli’s Check-Up

Kayli had a well child doctor visit today. She is doing just great, but may need glasses. The nurse got 20/25 in the left eye a nd 20/35 in the right eye when she had Kayli read the eye chart. She said that was a pretty big difference for this age and we should get it checked by an optometrist. Kayli’s weight was in the 25-50th percentile and her height was in the 50-75th percentile. Her blood pressure was in the normal range. She got one shot and was very brave about it. One the way out, she is headed down the hall with her sandals in her hands. I told her to put them on and she said, “I can’t because of my shot.” The nurse and I were both cracking up. She is such the drama queen! And yes, she did manage to get her sandals on despite the pain in her arm from the shot.

Four Months Old

Falyn turned four months old today. I can’t believe how much she has grown in the last month! She is now wearing mostly 6 mo. sized clothes with some 9 mo. stuff tossed in. She can now grasp her toys and put them in her mouth all by herself. She likes to sit in her bumbo seat and play, play with her baby gym and aquarium bouncy seat and is just starting to like her exersaucer. She is such a smiley baby. She has the hugest smile. She smiles with her entire face. It is so cute!

How Cute is This?

While I was eating lunch, Falyn was playing in the exersaucer. I went outside to help Riley get his bike out of the garage and came back in to find her asleep. I moved her to the crib right after taking the pictures.

You can see more pics of her sleeping in the exersaucer here.

Huge Sunflower Plant

This is a picture of the huge sunflower plant in our backyard. I put Talia and Falyn in front of it so you could tell how big it is. We didn’t plant this, it just started growing on it’s own a few months ago. The seed for it probably came from sunflowers we had planted last year. I can’t believe how huge it is! You can see a slideshow of some more pictures of the sunflower (along with some other flowers from my yard) here.