Mommy is Aidan soccering today?

Aidan was wearing a soccer shirt today and at dinner Riley said, “Mommy is Aidan soccering today?”. I guess Riley thinks that soccer is a verb. For those wondering, the answer was no, Aidan is not soccering today.

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today I went with Aidan’s kindergarten class on their pumpkin patch field trip. They had 14 parents attending for the 19 kids in the class. I felt a bit bad for the 5 kids whose parents didn’t go. Since I’m doing the memory books for the class, I took pictures not only of Aidan, but of each child in the class with their pumpkins. The pumpkin patch is at a local high school and also has some farm animals. The kids had a great time picking out their pumpkins and looking at the animals.

Pulled To A Stand

I noticed that Falyn has been trying to pull up a lot lately, so on Sunday I moved her crib mattress down. I was afraid she was going to pull up in her crib and then tumble out of it! Good thing I moved it! Today when I went to get her after her nap, she was standing up in her crib. She looked so proud of herself! I bet she will be cruising all over the house soon.

Another tooth!

Falyn’s right bottom middle tooth broke through her gums today. I’m sure her other middle tooth will break through any day now. That gives her two teeth now. Neither of which can yet be seen. I can’t wait for them to come in more so I can take a picture!

Outdoor Science Camp

Today Talia left for Outdoor Science Camp. The 6th graders at her school go there every year. They will be coming back on Friday. I’m going to miss her a lot. The longest she has been way from home before now is two nights. She was a bit nervous about going, but was very excited too. Kayli was horrible upset that Talia was going to be gone all week. She is going to have a rouch week without her big sister. She took two disposable cameras with her to take pictures. She also took letter writting stuff to send to us. I sent her letters last week, that will be given to her each day she is there. Kayli also wrote her a bunch of letters, as did her grandparents. I know she is going to have a great time there and I can’t wait to hear all about it.


Yesterday when I got back from taking Kayli to soccer, I smashed my thumb in the car door. I am hoping that I don’t end up loosing the nail. It is very painful, hurting everytime I touch something with it. Forget pushing the remote entry button! That hurts way to bad. I’m having to use my left hand instead for that. You never realize how much you use your thumb till it hurts everytime you use it.

I love my robot!

Dan bought me an early Christmas present at Costco – an iRobot Roomba. I love it!!! This morning I vacuumed the twins room while I took them to preschool. Yesterday I vacuumed by bedroom while reading my email. How cool is that??? It works great and the kids are very entertained by it too. Now my house may actually get vacummed on a regular schedule.

Falyn Crawled Across the Room!

Falyn has been doing an army crawl for a long time now. Up until now, she has been doing only 2 or 3 regular hand/knee crawls at a time. Today she crawled all the way across the room on her hands and knees. I’d say that makes her officially a crawler.