We Had a Great Halloween!

We all very much enjoyed our Halloween. Here’s what everyone dressed-up as:
Falyn – Ladybug, Riley – Red Power-Ranger, Jared – Superman, Aidan – Bionicle, Kayli – Arabian Princess, Talia – Hermione. Dan took the older kids trick-or-treating while I stayed home with Falyn. He went with a group of all the other neighborhood kids and their dads. Everyone that came to our door thought Falyn was the most adorable ladybug they had ever seen. Just look at this picture and tell me that that isn’t true.

Dan came home with Jared and Riley after being out about a half hour. They were both tired out and ready to dig into their candy. As you can see, they wasted no time in dumping it out and digging in!

Dan went back out to find the group and came back later with Aidan. As you can see, he got way too much candy.

After dropping off Aidan, Dan went back to find the girls. While he was gone, the boys had fun handing out candy and by 7:45, I decided it was time for them to go to bed. They weren’t too happy about it, but I finally got them in bed aroudn 8:00. Dan finally came home with the girls around 8:45. The amount of candy they came home with was ridiculous. We dumped it on the table and it took up almost the entire thing! I had them go through and pick out what they wanted to keep. The rest we put in bags for them to take to school tomorrow to be donated to a local children’s hospital. We gave close to 5 pounds of candy away! For them, it’s not so much about eating the candy, it’s the thrill of seeing how much they can get. They liked that they were able to give so much of it to sick kids in the hospital.