Some Decluttering

I decluttered an area today that has been bugging me for a while. Here’s what it looked like before I started.

I spent over two hours working on it. I tossed out a bunch of stuff and organized a bunch more, managing to find spots for everything in either the filing cabinet or a drawer. Here’s what it looks like now.

A possible allergy and a possible broken finger

I had to call the doctor today because Falyn developed a rash on her torso. I’m afraid it could be an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was prescribed on Friday due to an ear infection and bronchitis. While I was waiting to hear back from the doctor, Talia came home from her softball game with a hurt finger. The softball and smacked into her finger while she was batting. When the doctor called me back she said to take Falyn off the medicine and see if the rash goes away. Then when it goes away to give it to her again and see if the rash comes back. She also said that if Talia can’t make a fist in a couple of days to bring her in to have her finger looked at. Since I already have an appointment for a recheck of Falyn on Thursday, if Talia’s finger is not better by then I’ll bring her with me.

Kayli Scored Another Goal!

Kayli scored another goal at today’s soccer game. Her team is doing so great this season! They again won, by a score of 6 to 1. The other team got a point when the ref called a hand ball on Kayli and gave the other team a penalty kick. Kayli did not touch that ball with her hands, it just touched her chest. But I guess the ref thought it touched her arm too. In the end it didn’t really matter, since they still won the game. It did make Kayli mad though.

High Winds, Big Waves

I read in the paper this morning that big waves were expected at the beach today, so I decided to take the kids down there to see them after lunch. I had no idea it was going to be so windy. I have never seen it this windy at the beach before. Sand was blowing everywhere! We didn’t stay very long because it was pretty miserable with all the blowing sand. The waves were big. Some of them were half-way up to the height the pier. If it hadn’t been so windy, I would have taken the kids for a walk on the pier. Instead, we left and went by 7-11 for slurpees.

Windows Delivered

The windows for the addition were delivered today. We will be adding five windows to our house. One for each of the two bedrooms, one for the office/study, one for the bathroom and one for the alcove playarea.

I talked with the contractor today and the framers will start work a week from Monday. By that time, the changes for the beam replacement should be back from the city. (The framers are currently on another job.) He expects it to take around a week for them to finish the framing. Before they are done, we need to pick out the tub and fixtures for the new bathroom.

Day 6

The concrete truck arrived bright and early and they started pouring concrete at 7:00 in the morning. All the neighborhood boys were outside in the jammies watching the action.

It didn’t take long for them to get the trench all filled up with concrete.

By 7:30 am the truck was gone and the workers were screeding.

Here’s how it look when the workers removed the forms.

They had to put samples of the concrete in these cylinders that are required to sit “on location” for 30 days and then be sent off for inspection.

Day 5

It looks the same from the outside, so I won’t post that pictures Instead, I’ll show you what they did today. They completed the forms for the concrete over the trench in the garage. Here’s what it looked like when they finished.

Tomorrow an inspector will come by to look at it and if he signs off on everything, they will pour concrete on Wednesday.

Here’s another view taken from the corner with my feet in the shot to give you an idea of the scale of this trench.

Today they determined that they will have to replace this beam:

This image shows you where that beam is located on the house:

They have to run the changes by the city and get the approvals before they can replace it.

Start of Day 5

I took some pictures of the steel in the trench this morning when the workers got here.

They plan to finish up on the trech work today and have it inspected tomorrow. The concrete pour is scheduled for Wednesday.

Our Easter

We had a great Easter. We spent the morning at home after attending church. I took some pictures of the kids out front. Here’s my favorite ones of the boys and the girls.

In the afternoon we went over to Dan’s parent’s house. Pam, Lawrence, Eric and Samantha were also there. The kids did an Easter egg hunt there and ended up with way too much candy.