Drywall Delivered

The drywall was delivered today. The twins had so much fun watching the truck that they used to delivery it.

They put the drywall upstairs through the opening where the window will be in the twins’ bedroom.

They also put some in the garage.

Day 19

Insulation was installed today in all the remodeled/added areas.

Paper was also put down on the floor upstairs to protect it during drywalling.

Kayli’s soccer team was in the paper!

Kayli’s soccer team ended the season with an undefeated record and first place in their division. Kayli has loved playing on this team. The team is made up of other girls from her school. They are all great girls and the coach was awesome. I hope she will be able to get on a team with some of those girls and that coach this fall.

Day 18

More electrical work took place today with new outlets being placed in the garage.

A special outlet was added for the FiOS box.

The power switch for the outside light was fixed.

Outlets were placed in the ceiling for the garage door openers.

A new outlet and light was also placed in the attic.

The extra layer of wood that was on the floor in the old bonus room area was removed to make the floor level with the rest of the house.

Here’s a look at the new electrical box from the outside.

We can swing all by ourselves!

Riley has been able to swing himself for a few weeks now. Over the weekend, it click with Jared. They both love swinging so much. They will go out in the backyard and swing for the longest time! They are both very happy to be able to swing on their own now.

Exploding Paint Pen!

I was helping Kayli with a project this afternoon. I opened up a paint pen and it exploded all over the place! It got on Jared’s face and eye. I spent about 15 minutes running water in the eye to make sure I got it all out. His eye looks fine, isn’t red at all. But the paint is on his eyelids and face. I’m sure it will wear off eventually. He says his eye doesn’t hurt, so it must be fine.

Here’s a close-up of just the eye.

Day 17

The new roof was finished today.

The plumbers were also here today to move the tub back to make room for the shear panel that has to go on that wall.

Twins’ Preschool Mother’s Tea

They had their annual Mother’s Tea at the Twin’s preschool yesterday. (Jared is in yellow and Riley is in blue.) The kids have been practicing songs for it for weeks! They all looked so cute singing the songs and doing the hand motions. Jared and Riley did very well, singing along and doing all the hand motions. After they finished their songs, the kids gave their mom’s the cards they had made and the planters they had painted, complete with a plant. Riley told me he painted it all purple because that was my favorite color. I felt so bad for the two little kids who didn’t have anyone there for them. Things like this are so important to a little child. I’m sure they will remember for a long time that their mom wasn’t there for them that day.