Pirate Park

The kids had a blast playing at pirate park today. Their cousins Tess and Ella were able to join us there. Falyn’s friend Sarah and her family came too. We got there around 10 am, but the water in the splash pad area doesn’t turn on till 11 am. The kids played on the play equipment till 11, then they played in the water a while. After lunch some of them returned to play in the water and others played on the play equipment some more. Here’s some pictures of the fun:

A Day at the Beach

We spent the whole day at the beach today. Dan’s sister Monica and her family are in town and they wanted to bring their kids Tess and Ella to the beach while they were here. We got there early to secure a firepit and stayed all day, having lunch and dinner there. The kids had fun boogie boarding, playing in the sand and flying kites.

Falyn flying her barbie kite.

Spongebob Aidan made in the sand

The twins in the fort the kids built.

Talia and Kayli boogie boarding


Jared boogie boarding

Monica and Tess

Talia and Ella

Falyn writing her name in the sand.

Jared and Samantha

Aidan enjoying his hot dog

Falyn fell asleep after having her hot dog.

Roasting marshmallows for smores.

The twins with grandma.

Aidan’s 9th Birthday

Aidan turned 9 years old today. For his birthday he wanted to go bowling. We took the whole family to a local bowling alley. For most of the kids, it was the first time they had ever bowled. The twins thought it was much harder than bowling on the Wii. Everyone had a fun time and said they wanted to go bowling again sometime.







After bowling we went back home for a family party with cake and presents. Aidan liked all his presents, especially the pogo stick.

Crystal Cove

This afternoon we visited the tide pools at Crystal Cove. We hiked to the vista point and ate our lunch. We then hiked down to the ocean. It was almost low tide when we got there. Everyone enjoyed looking in all the tide pools and climbing around on the rocks. We saw crabs, sea anemones, mussels and little fish in the pools. We almost made it out without any injuries, but Riley fell right before we left and got several smalls scrapes that were easily fixed with a band-aid. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from our visit.