Talia’s First Day of High School

Talia started high school today. She is going to the school just down the street from the school Jared, Riley, Aidan and Kayli go to. That makes it easy for me to drop her off on the way to taken the other kids to school. We had to do a transfer to get her into that school, since we live out of the boundaries for that school. Our home high school is in a totally different direction and it would have been very difficult to get her to school each morning. Plus, her best friends were all going to this school and she really wanted to go there instead of our home school.

When she picked up her schedule a few weeks ago, they had her down for Japanese and World Geography Honors. She did not want either of those class, having put down French and Theater as her electives. We talked to her counselor about it and she was very happy to see that her final schedule has French and Theater and not Japanese and World Geography Honors. She has a few friends in some of of her classes, but not many. I’m sure she will make new friends though. Her locker is by all of her best friends, so they are able to meet there at lunch. She already had homework today and did it without to much complaining.

Here’s some more of the pictures we took before she left for school this morning.

Kayli’s 12th Birthday

Kayli turned twelve years old today. She got lucky and doesn’t have school today. We took her birthday portraits this morning and had a little family celebration after dinner.

Here’s some of the portraits we took:

Picture from our celebration.

Jared and Riley’s First Day of 1st Grade and Aidan’s First Day of 3rd Grade

Jared, Riley and Aidan had their first day of school today. Jared and Riley are in first grade and have the same teacher that Aidan, Kayli and Talia had when they were in first grade. She is a great teacher! Aidan is in third grade and has the same teacher that Kayli had when she was in third grade. Kayli said that she is one of her favorite teachers ever and is sure Aidan will have a great year with her as his teacher.