Kayli’s Soccer Team Wins 1st Place!

In what was the longest and most dramatic soccer game I have ever been too, Kayi’s team pulled out the win to become the U14 girls Region 55 champions. The game went into double overtime, during which the other team scored a goal. The other team just knew they had won at that point, but Kayli’s team did not give up and came back and scored a goal to tie the game. After the double overtime, it went into a shoot out with each team getting five shots on goal. They ended that with a 3-3 tie. Then it went to each team getting one shot on goal and if one scored and the other didn’t then that team would win. Our girl goes up and scores, their girl goes up and misses – giving Kayli’s team the win. All the girls on the team have worked so hard all season. They only lost one game the entire season. Since they won their regions championship, they will go on to play in the Area K playoffs next month.

Day 28 – Pool Construction – Backwash p-trap started

It has been exactly 100 days since work was done on our pool. Back then I was just starting to think that we were going to have a problem with Craig King Pools & Design. I still thought he would get our pool done at some point. It took many more weeks before I came to the realization that he wasn’t. It was probably his ignoring all my emails and phone calls for over a month that finally convinced me that Craig King had made off with my money and I wouldn’t be hearing from him again. Complaints have been filed with the state, my claim against his bond was paid out (although at a fraction of what Craig owes me) and we can finally move on and get our pool finished.

Falyn was jumping up and down with excitement when she saw that Ron of R&R Pools was here. “Mommy, the workers are back!”, she yelled. I think my kids were pretty much convinced that the pool was never going to be finished. Hopefully they will get the gift of swimming in their pool for Christmas. Prayers that we don’t get a bunch of rain between now and then would be appreciated. (They can’t work in the rain!)

Today Ron dug out the planter in the front of the house in preparation for the backwash p-trap install, which should start tomorrow.

Pool Construction Update

We have now hired another company to finish our pool – R&R Pools. I have every confidence that they will get the job done. Unlike Craig King, who stole our money without giving us what we paid him for, this company (except for a small deposit) will only take payment for equipment after it is delivered and for work after it is done. They expect to start work on our pool next week and unless we get a bunch of rain between now and then, it will be done before Christmas.