Festival Saturday

We went back to the parish festival today. Kayli and Talia went at noon with unlimited ride wristbands. They met up with their friends and had a great time. Dan and I took the boys and Falyn around 4 pm. We let them play games and then we had dinner. Falyn’s favorite part was getting her hair painted pink. The boys had a blast with the silly string they won playing a game. Afterwards, Talia, Kayli and I worked the cookie booth with our girl scout troop.

The kids in front of the fishing booth. They painted the fish in the sign.

Festival Friday

The kids has a blast at the parish festival this afternoon. They took full advantage of the one ticket rides and had fun going on rides with all their friends. They then helped out for a while at the dime toss booth.

Soccer Picture Day

Today was soccer picture day. Falyn’s pictures were early in the day and then I had to take her to a birthday party. Dan took the other kids and brought a camera. Here’s some of the shots they took.