Making Christmas Ornaments

We had our annual Christmas ornaments making day today. I love to see the kids incorporate their favorite things into the ornaments they make. This year they made some Harry Potter and Doctor Who ornaments. My favorite is the cute little Dalek the girls made out of clay for me. It is so adorable that I put it on my desk. I don’t think I’ll be packing that one away with the Christmas ornaments come January.

Making Gingerbread Houses

After ice skating, we made gingerbread houses. This year I bought two kits, so the boys could do one and the girls could do the other. Talia and Kayli convinced Falyn to do all the gingerbread people, leaving the girl house to the two of them to decorate. Everyone did a great job and had fun with only a bit of the candy ending up in mouths and not on the houses.

Girl Scout Ice Skating Event

Falyn was so excited to finally be a Girl Scout and get to go to the annual Girl Scout Ice Skating Event. Since it was held during a free skate session, Dan had the twins’ Cub Scout den have a Ice Skating outing at the same time. Everyone had a great time.