Beach Day

We went to the beach today with the Pauly’s. Dan had the day off from work, so we was with us too. The kids had a great time. The girls did a lot of body surfing and boogie boarding. Dan helped the boys do some boogie boarding too. The boys also had fun splashing around in the waves near the shore. I sat under the umbrella with Falyn most of the time there. She is still too little for sunscreen, so I didn’t want her out in the sun at all.

Dinner at Samantha’s

We went over to Samantha’s apartment for dinner. Aunt Pam and cousins Lawrence and Chantel were there too. Samantha made delicious fajitas for dinner. Talia and Kayli helped make brownies for desert. After dinner we took a walk to the pier. The kids had a great time on the pier. Jared and Riley kept calling it “The Ramp”.

Here’s a picture of the oldest kids taken at the end of the pier.
Oldest to Youngest