Falyn’s End of the Year Soccer Party

We had Falyn’s soccer team’s end of the year party today. It has been so much fun coaching these girls this year. None of them had played soccer before. Each one of them went from knowing nothing about soccer to being a good little soccer player. I know they will all do great next year.

Making the Gingerbread House

The kids had tons of fun making the gingerbread house today. Everyone helped and only a bit of the candy got eaten. The kids have been informed that they will get on Santa’s naughty list if they eat any candy off the house. We’ll see if that works!

Talia Got Her Braces Off

Talia was so excited to get her braces off. She has had them for a very, very long time. Checking back through my blog, I see that she got them on September 16, 2006. Here’s a picture taken the day she got them on.