Riley Kicked Out My Tooth!

Dan and I were watching TV last night after having put the kids in bed, when Jared came down the stairs saying that Riley had kicked out his tooth. Jared and Riley have both been sleeping up in Jared’s top bunk this summer. Jared has his pillow on one side of the bed and Riley has his on the other side. Riley said he was getting his feet under the covers when he accidentally kicked Jared. Jared’s other top tooth has been very loose, so it is not a surprise that it came out. It is kind of funny that it was his twin that “kicked” out the tooth.

My own little Dora!

When we were driving home from swim class today, Falyn said, “Let’s look for red lights!”. A few minutes later she said, “Remember, we are looking for red lights. If you see a red light, yell red light!”. When she spotted a red light, she yelled, “Red light! Let’s tell mommy to stop. Stop Mommy! Say it with me. Stop! Parada! Say it again, parada, parada! Good stopping mommy!” She continued this at every red light all the way home. Perhaps she watches a bit too much Dora the Explorer.

Quote of the Day

Overheard while the twins were playing on of their Star Wars Wii games, “If you kill me, I am so telling!” This was said by Riley to Jared. He was talking abut Jared killing his character in the game. I thought it was hilarious.

How many inches are in a hand?

Last night after dinner, the kids were sitting at the table eating ice cream when Aidan asked, “How many inches are in a foot?.” Kayli told him that there were twelve inches in a foot. Jared thought about that for a minute then asked, “How many inches are in a hand?” I guess it is time to start teaching the twins about units of measure!

Jared’s Thinking Scary Thoughts At Me!

A few weeks ago I put Jared and Riley both in time-out in the kitchen. They both started complaining about the other one making hand motions and looking at them meanly. Because of this, I had them move so that they could no longer see each other. A few minutes after that Riley said, “Mommy, Jared’s thinking scary thoughts at me!”. Jared claims he was not thinking scary thoughts at Riley, but who can be sure? Is this one of those strange twin things where one twin can tell what the other twin is thinking at him? Or was Riley just making it up? Who knows! It does make for a funny story though.

A Tea Party Set, Lego Storm Troopers and the Twins

Falyn got a Disney Princess Tea Party Set for Christmas. She loves it! She will set it up and have tea parties with anyone that will come. The twins often attend the tea parties with her. The other day Falyn set up her tea party set then went to play somewhere else. I found the twins playing with it along with their Lego Storm Troopers. I asked them if the Storm Troopers where having a tea party. I was then informed, “No, they aren’t having a tea party. The giant forks are attacking the Storm Troopers.” I had to laugh. It just goes to show you that boys left to themselves can turn even a tea party into a war zone.

“Jared, it’s looking at you, run!”

Riley is terrified of flies. I have no idea what caused this, but he freaks out anytime he sees one. During dinner last night, a pesky fly kept flying around as we tried to get rid of it. At one point it landed on the chandelier. Riley looked up at it and say it was looking in Jared’s direction and said, “Jared, it’s looking at you, run!” I could’t stop laughing, it was so funny! The girls thought it was hilarous too.

Quote of the Day

This evening Riley asked me, “Mommy, why did you tell me there was going to be an earthquake?” I guess he thought I had gotten prior notice that there was going to be an earthquake and was mad I didn’t tell him about it. I explained that I didn’t know there was going to be an earthquake either and that know one knows when earthquakes are going to happen. He didn’t seem too satisfied by my answer and was a bit skeptical that I wasn’t aware there was going to be an earthquake in advance.

“I’m coloring the k”

Falyn was coloring in her princess sticker book when she told me, “I’m coloring the k”. She then pointed to the “k” and said, “See, there is a k right there.” I looked and sure enough, there was a “k” in the word “book” that she was coloring. I pointed to the “oo”s and asked her what letter they were and she said, “Those are o’s”. I guess she has been picking up letters from her older siblings.