The Minear Bunch

With three girls and three boys in our family, I hear a lot that we have a “Brady Bunch” family. I’ve been wanting to put together something like this for a while but never had individual pictures of everyone taken at the same time. During our Christmas Card photo shoot I took individual shots of all eight of us.

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

We went to Heritage Park this afternoon to take our Christmas Card photos. It is a lovely park with lots of scenic areas to take photos. We got a lot of great shots. It will be hard to pick out which ones to use for our Christmas Cards. Here’s some of my favorites.

Soccer Collages

With soccer season coming to a close, I wanted to put together some soccer collages for my team. I plan to hand them out at the end of the year party. I really like how they turned out and decided to put one together for each of my kids as well.

My New Lens

I’m loving this new lens! I just got it yesterday and haven’t had much time to play with it. Here’s a few shots I took yesterday afternoon with it: