Survivor Mud Run

Dan and I did the Survivor Mud Run at Lake Elsinore today. It was so much fun! At the first mud pit, someone foolish enough to wear her wedding ring during the race, lost the ring. I took off all my rings and earrings before the race, not wanting to risk loosing them. There was a very eclectic group of runners, with a lot of wacky outfits. I heard one girl say, “I’m so over this!” before we even got to the half way mark. Dan and I both had a great time and are planning to do it again next year.

Endeavour’s Last Flight

We were lucky enough to be in the flight path when the Space Shuttle Endeavour piggybacked on a 747 took it’s final flight over southern California today. I took this picture from my backyard as it flew at 1500 feet head towards the Boeing plant in Huntington Beach. There were people on their roofs and others lining the roads to watch the shuttle go by. Here’s a few more shots from my backyard

Dan drove over to PCH and waited in Seal Beach for the flyover. Here’s two of his shots:

Halloween Party

Dan and I went to a Halloween Party last night. Dan went as Julius Cesar and I went as a Roman Goddess. It was a huge party with a DJ at our friend’s house. We knew a lot of the people there and had a great time dancing late into the night.

Soccer Picture Day

Today was soccer picture day. Falyn’s pictures were early in the day and then I had to take her to a birthday party. Dan took the other kids and brought a camera. Here’s some of the shots they took.

Halloween Party

Dan and I went to a Halloween party last night. It was so much fun! We have not been to a non-kid Halloween Party in a very, very long time. I tye-dyed the shirts myself and we made the bell bottoms out of old jeans.

LA Kings Game

Dan was given two VIP tickets to tonight’s LA Kings hockey game. The tickets were for a VIP Suite. They were great seats right in the middle of the stadium. This was the first time we had ever been to a hockey game. We still aren’t sure what all the rules of game are, but we enjoyed watching the game anyway. The Kings ended up winning the game 3-1 over the Thrashers.