New Scrappin’ Twins Blog

Today I added a Blog to my Scrappin’ Twins site. I copied all the Scrappin’ Twins posts from this blog over to that one and added a few new ones. You can check it out here. All posts about my Scrappin’ Twins business will now be placed in that blog.

Some new Scrappin’ Twins Designs

Wonder Twins Power Activate! This is a fun design for your wonder twins.

Our newest set of designs is “This One”, “That One” and “The Other”. These cute designs would be great for twins, triplets and twingles too!

Our other new set of designs is “Thing One” and “Thing Two”. These are just perfect for your twin things!

New Years Items

We’ve added a Twins’ First New Year design and a Happy Happy New Year design. Both are available with either light or dark skin babies.

Lots of New Stuff

I’ve been getting my store ready for the holiday season! I’ve added a bunch of new stuff.


This is a fun design that is perfect for twins and their families.

Twins’ First Hanukkah

Created from a special request. Those of you that celebrate Hanukkah will want to get this for your twin babies.

New Thanksgiving Items

I’ve added three new twin themed Thanksgiving designs. Click on any design to see all the items available.

New First Christmas Items

I’ve added two new Twins’ First Christmas and two new Triplets’ First Christmas designs.
To see all out First Christmas items, be sure and visit my Twins and Triplets First Christmas Store.