Falyn Received Libarian’s Award

Falyn got the Librarians award today for having so many accelerated reader points. Her goal is to reach 100 points so she can get her name on the plaque in her classroom. With each book only being worth up to half a point, it will take a lot of books to get there!

Falyn Lost Tooth #6

Falyn lost her other top front tooth this afternoon. It was getting to be quite the snaggletooth and I had told her it need to come out before her school pictures next week. She was very excited when it popped out while she was jumping into the pool with a floaty around her waist. Her mouth hit the floaty and out popped the tooth. I offer $1 to whomever found the tooth in the pool. Christopher was the lucky winner, refusing to give up the search long after everyone else had quit looking. Her adult teeth are already started to grow back, so she won’t have the cute missing tooth grin for long.

Girl Scout Day at Angel Stadium

Falyn and her friends had a blast at Girl Scout Day at Angel Stadium tonight. They got to walk around the field before the game started. They then had hot dogs and watched the baseball game. It was the first baseball game Falyn has ever been too. She spent more time talking with her friends than watching the game. She said she had a great time and wants to go again next year.