First Day of High School

Today Kayli started her freshman year and Talia started her senior year of high school. It is hard to imagine that this time next year Talia will be going off to college. I hope she has a great last year of high school and that Kayli has a great first year.

Marina Boat Day

For AP Physics, Talia and her team made a boat out of paper and thin strips of wood. They got extra credit for making the boat and got to drop a test if the boat makes it all the way across the school pool. They worked really hard and made a great boat that had no trouble making it across. A lot of the other boats sank before reaching the other side.

Talia Gold Shield Awards

Marina High School held their annual Gold Shield Awards Ceremony this evening. Talia was nominated in four categories: Mathematics, Science, Social Science and World Languages. She was awarded a Silver Medal in Social Science and World Languages. We are so proud of her!

My Name in Gallifreyan

It’s no secret that I am a big Doctor Who fan. I’ve managed to pass my love for the show on to my children, who are all big Whovians as well. My daughter Talia made me this for Mother’s Day. It is my name in Gallifreyan. I love it and had to scan it in to share for all to see.

Talia’s 17th Birthday

Talia turned 17 today. I can’t believe that I have a child that old or that this time next year she will be 18 and almost done with her senior year of high school. She has turned out to be such a sweet, caring, beautiful and smart young lady that we all love very much.

Girl Scout Religious Awards

Talia and Kayli received Girl Scout Religious Awards today. Talia received the Spirit Alive award and Kayli received the Marian Medal. They both worked really hard to complete all the requirements for these awards. We are all very proud of them.