Kayli’s Two Front Teeth

Kayli’s top two teeth have been loose for quite sometime. We have been trying to get her to let us pull them out since before Christmas. One of them was twisted behind the other and it looked just horrible! Kayli had her expander removed a few weeks ago and now needed to get a retainer. I have been telling her all week that the dentist was going to pull those teeth, but every time we went to touch them she screamed like we were killing her! Today she went to the orthodontist to get her retainer. The orthodontist took one look at those two teeth and said they had to come out. She only wimpered a bit while the orthodontist pulled out the teeth. Her permanent teeth are already coming in, so it is a very good thing the orthodontist pulled them out. The receptionist was saying that we were lucky the orthodontist took them out because the regular dentist charges to do that! She got this cute little treasure box to put her teeth in. I’m not sure whether she will want to give them to the tooth fairy or not tonight.

Cute Things They Say

I was thinking today about some of the cute things that the twins say. They have come so far with their language in the last few months. The speech therapy has helped them so much. One thing that Jared says that is so cute is “Oh! Thanks!”. He says this whenever you give something to him, his milk, food, his toys, blanket, anything. It is so adorable!

Another cute thing that both Jared and Riley say is “Owie, that hurt!” whenever they get a boo-boo. It’s never just Owie! But always “Owie, that hurt!” I don’t have any idea where they picked that up. It is so funny!

They both call their blankets “bank” and blues clues is “boo”. Riley says “popy” for open. It took me a while to figure out that was what he was saying.

Happy New Year!

We had so much fun ringing in the new year last night. My nieces, who are staying with my in-laws while their parents go to Russia to adopt another child, in-laws, and SIL all come over. We played games, watched Star Wars, had snacks and were outside at the stroke of midnight to ring in the new year. There must have been 20 kids outside! We had some fireworks and sparklers and our next door neighbor had fountains saved from the 4th of July. I sure hope no one in our neighborhood was trying to sleep! It seemed like almost all the nieghbors were out there. The twins had gone to sleep hours before and managed to sleep through all the noise. It was so much fun watching the kids run around with sparklers and streamers. We had a ton of party poppers and noise makers and horns too. We spent about 1/2 hour outside having fun before going back in to watch the end of Star Wars. It was after 1 am before we got the kids in bed.