Mommy, I didn’t do it!

I was resting on the couch this afternoon when I felt a big jolt. The house then started swaying and I knew it was an earthquake. I jumped up and yelled at Aidan asking him if he was okay. His reply was, “Mommy, I didnt’ do it!” I told him I knew that he hadn’t done it and that it was an earthquake. All the while I’m talking with Aidan, I’m running up the stairs to check on the twins. They were asleep in their room taking a nap. The earthquake woke them both up, but they were able to go back to sleep. Aidan and I then went downstairs and looked up the earthquake online. It turned out to be a 5.3 (later downgraded to a 4.9) centered in Yucaipa.

Talia Lost Her First Molar!

It’s been a big week for tooth losses around here. After the loss of two of Kayli’s teeth earlier this week, last night Talia pulled out her molar. She said it was loose and had been bothering her, so she pulled it out. It bleed for quite a while! She was very excited to about loosing it and couldn’t wait to tell her friends about it.

Now Talia Knocked Out Kayli’s Tooth!

Kayli was playing her recorder again and showing Talia how to cover the hole on the bottom and make different notes. Talia was cover the bottom hole and somehow managed to knock out the other bottom tooth on the opposite side that was loose.

Kayli made me take pictures yesterday and today so she can do a page about it in her scrapbook.

Riley Knocked Out Kayli’s Tooth!

Kayli was practicing on her new recorder yesterday. Riley walked up and smacked the recorder, knocking out one of her bottom teeth! (It was a baby tooth and already very loose.) It was pretty funny. She went around showing Riley the whole where the tooth was and saying to him “See what you did!”