Speech Class #3

Jared and Riley were back to crying and not participating in speech class today. Nothing seems to motivate them to want to participate in the class. They don’t at all care about the stickers she gives out if you are good. They do want to play in the park next to the school, so I told them if they participate in the speech class on Thursday, then they can play in the park. We’ll see if it works.

Speech Class #2

Jared and Riley did much better in speech class today. Riley hardly cried at all. Jared cried through most of it, but warmed up towards the end. Hopefully next time neither of them will cry at all.

More Tears at Swim Class

The boys had their first swim class today. All three are signed up for 15 min private lessons once a week. Last week they had an evaluation and today they had their first class. Aidan is doing great and will likely be swimming after the end of our 11 week session. Last week Riley cried most of the class. This week both Jared and Riley cried, with Riley screaming at some points during the class. I sure hope they get used to the class soon! We are going to practice in the spa during the week to hopefully help them get used to the back floats that they both seem to hate.

Jared and Riley’s First Speech Class

Jared and Riley had their first speech class today. They will be going twice a week for 1/2 hour each class. There are 4 kids total in the class. They both basically cried the entire time, with Jared being the worst and his crying caused Riley to cry too. They are never away from me, so I’m sure that was the main problem. Jared said he was crying because he wanted me. I told them they were going to go again on Thursday and Jared said, “I don’t want to go again”. Hopefully they will get used to it after a few classes.

A Rare Thunderstorm

We were hit with a rare thunderstorm last night. The girls did not at all like the thunder and lightening. They had me close their blinds and I ended up having to turn on their radio so Kayli would go to sleep. They boys managed to sleep through it though.

Aidan’s First Day at Preschool

Aidan started his “Preppy-K” class today. He will go MWF in the mornings. After we got back from dropping the girls off at school, he helped me make his lunch – Bologna Sandwich, Doritos and Apple Juice. We drove to the school and located his classroom. After signing him in, we went out to the playground where the kids were lining up to go in to class. Aidan went right to his line, gave me a goodbye hug and headed right off to his class. A few of the other kids were crying and one was screaming at the top of his lungs! After they went in, I went to the class and took a picture of him sitting with the other kids in the classroom. Gave him a final wave and was off. I can’t wait to hear how his day went. I think he is going to have a great time.

Talia’s First Day of 5th Grade

I just dropped of Talia for her first day of 5th grade. This is the first year that she gets to wear a skirt instead of a jumper. She is very excited about that. She has a great teacher this year and all but one of her good friends is in her class.