Two Months Old

I can’t believe Falyn turned two months on last Friday! She is such a sweet baby. She hardly ever cries, except when she is hungry. She smiles a lot and loves to “talk” to you. She has even started laughing now. She loves to look at all her toys. She doesn’t hold them herself yet, but loves for you to hold them up so she can look at them. I finally bought a stroller for her. I am able to put her carseat into it, which makes it so much easier when dropping Aidan off at school. She doesn’t mind being in it, as long as you keep it moving.

Falyn had her two month check-up last week. The doctor said that she is doing just great. She also comment that she was very strong, since she can hold up her head really well now. At her check-up she got four shoots. She was very cranky afterwards and had a bit of a fever too. She weighed 10 lbs 4 oz and was 22 3/4 inches long. She is growing out of all her 0-3 months stuff and fits nicely into her 3-6 months stuff. She also has moved out of the size 1 diapers and into the size 2 diapers.

Potty Training Update

After many other false starts, it appears that Jared and Riley were finally ready for potty training. (They are 3 1/2 now.) I put them in underwear one week ago today. After one day of accidents they are have been accident free and are even waking up in the morning and going pee on the potty all by themselves! They are even pooping on the potty too. I’m thrilled that they finally got the hang of this and it was virtually pain free! I’m very glad I didn’t push it on them when they were younger and did not want to have anything to do with using the potty.

Sleep! Glorious Sleep!

Falyn slept for six hours straight last night!!! I put her down at 11:15 pm and she didn’t wake up till 5:15 am! I, however, woke up around 2 am and checked on her then again at 4 am and checked on her. It was sure nice not having to get up twice during the night to nurse her. I hope that this sleeping pattern sticks!

Potty Update

Yesterday Riley had one accident and the peed in the potty twice! Jared wet his pants five times and didn’t go in the potty once. This morning, they have both gone in the potty one time with no accidents! I sure hope this trend continues.

Finally got her smile on film!

It is finally going to be warm enough today to put Falyn in this cute purple sundress that I have been wanting to get pictures of her in. I set up a photoshoot this morning after nursing her so she would be nice and happy. I managed to get some really cute pictures and even some with her smilling!

The blanket Falyn is on was made by her Grandma Nelda just for her. Isn’t it pretty?

The pics are here.

Is there a Potty Training camp?

Why is it so hard to potty train twins? Can’t I just send them off to a potty training camp somewhere? I put the twins in underwear this morning and they have had accident after accident with no successess. I put them on the potty only to have the pee in the pants ten minutes later. It is so frustrating!!! I don’t think they are ever going to get the hang of this.

Now I’m Sick

I was so sick yesterday. I woke up with horrible abdominal pains. The pain was as bad as being in labor. Dan convinced me to call the doctor and I went in yesterday afternoon. The Dr. said I have diverticulitis and gave me two different antibiotics to treat it. He also printed out a handout from (a site he highly recommended) all about diverticulitis. Turns out it was a very good thing I went in. If you don’t get prompt treatment, you can end up in the hospital and may even have to have surgery. I didn’t do anything yesterday but rest and nurse Falyn. I’m feeling much better today, but still not all better. And today is Dan’s first day back at work. Talk about bad timing to be sick…

First cold

Falyn has a cold. Poor baby has such a stuffy nose with green mucus soming out of it. The doctor does want us giving her any decongestant since she is so little. At least she doesn’t have a fever. I sure hope she is better soon!

Six Weeks Old

Falyn is six weeks old today. The time has gone by unbelievable fast. She has started smiling up a storm lately! She has the cutest smile. I have to try and get some pictures of it. She is also cooing a lot now too. She is sleeping up to 3 1/2 hours at a time at night now and nursing about every 3 hours during the day. She loves her Baby Einstein play gym and will play with it for 20 minutes at a time. She also enjoys her swing and will often fall asleep in it. Her brothers and sister just adore her and want to hold her all the time. The twins like to “pet” her and tell me they will pet her so “soft-a-ly”.

Mommy, a little help

Riley is so cute! I’m sitting here at the computer and I hear him say, “Mommy, a little help.” over and over again. He is in the kitchen and has one hand on the left handle of the refrigerator and has some home gotten one of the fingers stuck under the right and door. It was easy enough to fix and he said “Thank you mommy” and went back to playing. (No, he is not suppose to be playing with the refrigerator, but how can you get mad at him when he is being so darn cute!)