Aidan’s First Day of Kindergarten

Aidan started kindergarten today. He was so excited and has been looking forward to this day all summer. It was quite different from when Kayli had her first day of Kindergarten and was hanging on me and crying. When his teacher came out, she told them to line up in front of her. I brought him over to the end of the line, pointed out his teacher and told him to get in the line. I took a picture of the line and the teacher, looked down and couldn’t find Aidan! He had gone right up to the front of the line by his teacher and started talking to her. It was so funny! The teacher took the kids into the classroom and Aidan didn’t even look back. When I picked him up he said he had a great time. He was very excited about getting a folder and told me his number is 13 and that he has a cubby to put his stuff in. I think he is going to have a great school year.

Kayli Got Glasses

At Kayli’s last check-up with her doctor, they said we should have her eyes checked. So, she went for her first visit to the optometrist yesterday. They checked out her eyes and said that she has around 20/40 and should get glasses so she can see things in a distance better. She had a lot of fun picking them out and was very excited about getting them. I think she looks really cute in them.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Yesterday we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We went with our friends Chris and Carrie, and Carrie’s dad. We had a really great time, except for the heat. At one point, the temp. sensor on the stroller read 105 degrees! When we got there, we went on the train ride. We say lots of different animals on the ride. Then we went over to watch the bird show, seeing the gibbons on the way. The bird show was lots of fun to watch with birds flying right over you head. We then had lunch. After lunch we saw the gorillas, flamingos and meerkats. We then let the kids play on the jungle gym while I nursed Falyn. After that we headed over to watch the elephant show. By that time it was 4 pm and the kids were getting really tired, so we left.

We got the estimate from the contractor

We finally got an estimate for the cost of our bonus room remodel. The cost came in around what we had expected. This week we have to figure out how we want to finance it. There are several options available and we need to decide which one will work out best for us in the end. Once we sort out this out, we will call Bryan and get the final plans started. Since that takes 6-8 weeks to finish, we are looking at November for actual construction work to start.

I asked Ken how long it will take to get the job done once demo starts and he told me around 4 months. We also found out that we will have to remove everything in the garage in addition to clearing out the bonus room. Looks like we will have to rent some storage for the duration of the work. That means we have a lot of work to get done before the demo can start.

Talia Finished Up Bronze Award

Today Chloe came over and her and Talia worked on finishing up the last remaining requirements for their Junior Girl Scouts Bronze Award. They spent most of the morning work on it and did a great job staying on task and getting it finished. I’m very proud of both of them for working so hard.

Happy 4th Birthday Jared and Riley!

Jared and Riley turned 4 today. It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since they were born! They’ve gone from those tiny little babies in the NICU to thriving preschoolers. Jared’s favorite color is blue and Riley’s favorite color is green. They both like Spongebob Squarepants and Krypto the Superdog. They now dress themselves and only sometimes dress alike. They play together really well, most of the time. Making up elaborate scenarios as they play. They are both very affectionate. They will often come up to me and give me a kiss and a hug and tell me that they love me. They are both so excited about starting preschool in a few weeks. They keep asking me if it is the end of summer yet so they can go to school. They were thrilled to get Superman Bikes for their birthday. They are big enough that they will be able to use them for several years.

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday!

Falyn turned 6 months old yesterday. I took a ton of pictures of her and put some of them on flickr. She is such a sweet baby. She rarely cries, sleeps all night, sits up great, rolls all over the place, won’t eat solids, loves her jumperoo and exersaucer and is the most smiley baby in the world. She had her 6 mo. check-up this morning. She now weighs 16 lbs 8 oz and is 26 1/2 inches long. That puts her in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. The Dr. said that she expect her to be walking by 10 months at the latest. She is perfectly healthy and got four shots. She didn’t like the shots at all and kept getting angrier and angrier with each one.

Falyn’s Picture is a Finalist!

Falyn and Her Green Puppy

I am a member of the Comment on My Cuteness group on Flickr. Each month they have a themed photo contest. Lots enter and they pic a few finalists then have a vote. You don’t win anything except bragging rights. It’s really all just for fun. But, I was so excited to have my picture picked as a finalist!

The Pirate Party

We had a birthday party for the boys today. It was for Aidan’s 6th birthday and Jared and Riley’s 4th birthday. They picked a pirate theme. We played pin the eyepatch on the pirate, went on a treasure hunt around the neighborhood and had a treasure chest pinata. There were around 18 kids at the party ranging in ages from 6 months to 12 years. All the kids had a great time! The boys got way to many toys and it will take days before we get them all opened. The twins favorite toys were the Imaginext pirate stuff. Aidan’s favorite were the bionicles and transformers.