Schools Out For Summer

Everyone but Talia got out of school for the summer today. Talia’s last day is Friday. The kids have all had a great year and are looking forward to a summer filled with fun. We plan to do a lot of swimming in our pool, going to the beach frequently and will have a camping adventure in the Grand Canyon. Summer is my favorite time of the year and I think it is the kids’ favorite time as well.

Falyn’s Last Day of Preschool

Falyn’s last day of preschool was today. She is super excited to be going to kindergarten next year, but a bit sad to be leaving the preschool she has attended for the last three years. One of her friends will be going to the same school as her next year and a few others will be on her soccer team or in cheer with her. That will help make the transition next fall a bit easier.

With Mrs Wheeler

With Miss Ricco

With Samantha

With Savanna and Hannah

Swinging, one of her favorite things to do at school

In the big tree at the front of the school

Rocstock 2011

Dan took Talia, Kayli, Aidan, Jared and Riley out to Rocstock yesterday. The met up with some friends there had a great time launch rockets and watching larger rockets being launched. They had planned to stay the night, but it got too windy, so they came home. Here’s some pictures of the fun:

Falyn’s Spring 2011 Dance Recital

Falyn had her first dance recital today. She has been taking a “Combo Fusion” class at Studio Fusion since last September. She learns ballet, jazz, tap and some acrobatics in the class. She loves the class and absolutely loved the recital. This is one kid that loves being on stage and performing in front of an audience. She did most of the routine correctly and in the parts where she was doing the wrong steps, other kids followed along with what she was doing instead of doing the choreographed steps. She can’t wait for the next recital.

Falyn’s June 2011 Cheer Competition

Falyn had a great time at her second cheer competition. He team did great, coming in 2nd place which earned them silver medals. Falyn said that now all she needs is a 3rd place to complete her medal collection (they won 1st place last time),