Twins First Cotillion

The twins participated in their first Cotillion tonight. They both said it was a lot of fun. I took some shots of them before we left. Aren’t they just adorable in their suits? Aidan had Cotillion tonight as well, so I was able to get a shot of all three boys dressed up in their suits.



Kindergarten Meet and Greet

Falyn’s kindergarten class had a “meet and greet” at the park today. The parents were all able to meet each other while the class aides kept the kids busy. It was fun meeting all the new parents. Looks like it is a great group of families!

First Soccer Saturday of the Season

The soccer season kicked into high gear today with the first game day. Kayli, Aidan, Jared, Riley and Falyn are all playing soccer this year. It makes for quite the juggling act getting them all to the right fields at the right time. I wasn’t able to make it to Aidan’s game because the time of his game conflicted with Falyn’s game. Since I am the coach, I have to be at Falyn’s game. The teams all did great and all the kids had a great time! Falyn was so tired after going to two games and playing in one that she fell asleep on the way home.

Pink Ninjas Crazy Sock Day

I am coaching Falyn’s soccer team again this year. The girls picked “Pink Ninjas” for the team name. Falyn was so happy her team’s color is pink this year. I had the girls wear “crazy socks” and took some pics at today’s practice. Here’s a few of my faves.

Too busy to update!

Yes I know, I haven’t updated my blog all summer. We were super busy had a wonderful summer. Now that the kids are back in school, I will be back filling it with all the fun stuff we did as I get time.