Falyn Received Libarian’s Award

Falyn got the Librarians award today for having so many accelerated reader points. Her goal is to reach 100 points so she can get her name on the plaque in her classroom. With each book only being worth up to half a point, it will take a lot of books to get there!

Whovians at the Festival

Both of my twins wore this Dalek shirt to our Parish Festival on Saturday. We were waiting in line for my youngest daughter to get her hair painted with colored hair spray when two teenage girls in front of us kept turning around and staring at the twins. After a few minutes they said they loved their shirts and asked to take a picture of them. I said sure and they both took out their phones and snapped pics of the twins. In hindsight I should have pulled out my phone and took a shot of them taking pics of the twins, but I was trying to keep up with my 6 year old at the time. We started talking about Doctor Who and I showed them some pics of the boys’ Doctor Who lunch pails and some of their Doctor Who themed toys. They said that we were the most awesome parents ever. Totally made my day.