Back from Shopping!

I’m back! I made it to Target, Sports Chalet, Michaels, Toys R Us and Kohls. I could have made it to Barnes and Nobles, but decided to enjoy a relaxing lunch instead of rushing lunch and going there. I got everything that I wanted to get! I did have to ask a couple of times about items and was lucky enough that they had them in the back and got them for me. I spent so much money in such a short amount of time that I triggered the fraud alert on my debit card! I had a message from them on my voice mail when I got home asking me to verify all the charges I placed.

Off on a Shopping Extravaganza

My MIL is coming over in a few minutes to watch the twins. I’m going to drop Aidan off at preschool and then it’s off to do Christmas shopping until I have to pick him back up at 12:30. I’m hoping to get all the gifts that have to be mailed as well as most of the stuff for the kids. I’m planning on going to Target, Micheals, Toys R Us, Kohls, Barnes and Noble and Sports Chalet. Wish me luck in getting it all done! I also plan to have a nice quite lunch all by myself. Something I rarely get to do.

New Storefront Online!

I finally finished getting my twins and triplets apparel store online. It’s not just apparel, but has stuff like mugs, bags, cards, stamps, aprons, and bumper stickers too. I’ve got over 800 different items in the store right now, with my goal being to have over 1000 items. You can check it out here.

Yo-Ho-Ho Hats

Today we got down the Christmas stuff, so we could put out the Advent Candle holder before the first Sunday of Advent, which is tomorrow. I found the Santa Hats in the boxes and gave them to the boys. The immediately started calling them their “Yo-Ho-Ho” hats. They must be the pirate santas! They kept going around saying “yo-ho-ho” over and over. It was too cute!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It is way too hot for the middle of November! When I dropped Aidan off at preschool this morning at 9 am, it was already 75 degrees. That means it is likely to make it up into the 90’s today. The high temps are caused by the Santa Ana winds. These winds come from the desert and bring hot dry air. They also bring lots of allergens that drive my allergies nuts! I sure hope they go away soon.

Fluid Pouring Out of the Van!

Yesterday after I got home from picking up Aidan at pre-school, fluid was pouring out of the van and running down the driveway. I popped the hood to see what was going on and found coolant fluid pouring out of an escape valve on the coolant fluid container. It continued to do that for several minutes. The van as been fine since this incident, it isn’t running hot and hasn’t leaked anymore fluid. So, I’m hoping it was just some freaky thing due to it being hot yesterday.

24 Week Appointment

I had my 24 week appointment today. Everything looks great, blood pressure is good, weight gain is fine, baby is measuring right on track. I have to do my GTT sometime between now and my next appt, which is Dec. 8.

I was a bit worried that my blood pressure would still be high. It was very high for me (131/79) when I went to my PCP for the sinus infection. Must have been due to being sick. Thankfully, it is back down to normal.


The kids had so much fun last night. Talia was a cheerleader, Kayli was a mediveal princess, Aidan was a Hot Wheels World Racecar Driver, Jared was Baby Jaguar and Riley was batman. Ya, I know, Jared’s costume looks like a tiger, not a jaguar. Just don’t tell that to Jared!

The boys had more fun passing out candy than getting it. Poor Kayli came home sick after only going half way around the neighborhood. She had a 101 degree fever and went straight to bed. She is home sick today from school. Talia was out trick-or-treating for over 2 hours! She came back with way too much candy.