Still on billi-lights

Today is day 4 that we have been home and Falyn is still on the billi-lights. It is a major pain having her hooked up to them all the time. The cable attached to the lights is only a few feet long, limiting the area we can move around with her. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to mind being on the lights. It is also a big pain having to take her back to the hospital each day to have her blood taken. Saturday when we left the hospital her level was at 12.5, Sunday it went back up to 16 and yesterday it was at 14. Today the doctor said we didn’t need to do a blood test and if it goes below 12 tomorrow, we can take her off the lights. I’m sure hoping that will be the case! I can’t wait to get my baby unhooked from those machines.

Baby 6 to be born tomorrow!

My c-section is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 pm PT. I would welcome any prayers and good thoughts that all goes well. I’ve been spending today getting all the last minute stuff done, but still the day has been dragging! We still haven’t finalized a name for this baby. At this point I want to see her before deciding on what to name her. I’ll likely be in the hospital till Saturday or Sunday. I’ll give Lisa a call when I get settled in my room after the birth. I’ll try and post in the morning so you know whether or not we are still on for the 1:30 time.

Had my last prenatal OB appt today

I had my last prenatal OB appt. this morning. Everything looks good and we are all set for a c-section on Tuesday at 1:30 pm. The dr does want me to increase the amount of iron I am taking because the bloodwork done last week showed that I was still anemic. I’m fingertip dialated and high, so it doesn’t appear I’ll be going into labor on my on before Tuesday.

Quick Update

I’m still pregnant and still suppose to be spending most of my time resting. On Thursday I went for my OB appointment at 9:30 and didn’t get home till 3:30! My blood pressure was up and the baby’s heartrate was up, so my Dr. sent me to the hospital for blood work and fetal monitoring. Many hours later, they decided that all was fine and let me go home. I go back for monitoring on Monday. If all goes well, in 10 days time I’ll finally be holding this still to be named baby.

Had My Baby Shower Yesterday

The baby shower was so much fun! It was hosted by my neighbor, my MIL and my friend that is my brownie co-leader. Our girls served as “junior hostesses” during the shower. They all did a great job. I gave Talia the camera and appointed her photographer. I got lots of great stuff, include a matress for the crib – which I badly needed, since the twins have both of the other crib matresses in their toddler beds. I also got a Leap Frog Baby Tad that is already a huge hit with the boys. I also got a ton of adorable girly clothes, some blankets, some onsies, books and diapers. Here’s the link to the pictures. I included a couple of belly pics that Talia took before the shower on that page.