Today’s OB appt.

I just got back from my dr appt. I saw the other dr in the office, whom I haven’t seen before. She went ahead and did a u/s to check the levels. She got around 14! That is over double what it was on Friday. Your prayers are all working! Thanks so much!

I will still go to my NST at 4:00 today, but we are not expecting to have to deliver. I have been ordered to continue with the rest and drinking lots of water. I really do want to make it at least till next Monday, since my baby shower is on Sunday.

A Visit to the Nixon Library

We visited the Nixon Library today. Since President Ford has passed away yesterday, there were a lot of news media at the library. There was a book for visitors to write messages to President Ford’s family. We all signed it. The highlight of the visit for the kids was the huge model train exhibit. They would have stayed there for hours watching it if we let them.

Low amniotic fluid levels

I went for my NST this morning. The good news is that the baby is very reactive and moving around a lot. The bad news is that the amniotic fluid levels dropped from 8.5 to 6.2. They want to see it over 8.5 and if it had been much lower they would not have let me leave. I’ve been put on bed rest for the weekend and told to drink as much water as I can. They will recheck it on Monday and if it doesn’t go up, they are going to deliver the baby. I’ll be exactly 36 weeks on Monday, so the baby should be fine if delivered then.

I sprained my ankle

I was stepping out my front door and twisted my ankle, landed on my knee, and then stopped my fall with my hands. I managed not to end up on my belly. So now I have a painful sprained ankle, a skinned knee and a hand with scraps on it. I’ve been trying to sit down and put ice on it, but I had to take Aidan to preschool, then the twins to swim class and now I just got a call that Kayli is sick and I have to go to her school to pick her up.

Had My First Non-Stress Test Today

I spent almost 1 1/2 hours at the NST yesterday morning. They wanted to get a good baseline resting heartrate and little miss baby 6 would not be still. I really can’t complain about being there that long though. The room I was in had an awesome view of the Newport Beach Harbor. I jokingly asked the nurse how I could get signed up to come in more often. It was really very relaxing sitting there looking out at the ocean.

The nurse said normally they only need to monitor you for 15 mintus or so. I do feel bad about my in-laws being stuck with the boys for so long though. They are watching them again Friday when I go for my next NST. Hopefully it won’t take so long on Friday.

They also did a check on the amniotic fluid. Mine was right at 8.5 cm, which is the minimum they like to see. I was ordered to drink 3 liters of water a day and they will recheck it on Friday.

We Have a Date!

I had my 35 week appointment today. Everything looks great and I actually lost 2 pounds since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. My appointment was with a nurse practitionar that is new to that office. She wanted to practice on the ultrasound machine and I of course said sure! Baby is head down and kept her left hand up by her face the entire time. She was moving around the whole time and looks perfecly healthy.

My next appointment is on next Monday and I’ll be going each week from now on till the baby is born. I also start NSTs tomorrow and will be going every tues and friday to the hospital for those.

The c-section is scheduled for 4 weeks from tomorrow – Feb. 21 at 1:30 pm. Given that I’ve never gone into labor before my due date, I don’t think I’m in any danger of having this baby before then.

What the neighborhood kids are up to this weekend

The kids are making a movie. One of the boys has a video camera and aspirations at being a director. They have come up with a storyline, written scenes, made costumes and props and have been practicing before they start filming. The kids involved are between 8 and 11 years old – 6 girls (including my two) and 3 boys. Kayli tells me that they are even going to do bloopers. They started working on this yesterday afternoon and have been working on it all day today. Who knows if they will actually finish it, but I love that they are being so creative and working so well together!

32 Week Appointment

I had my 32 week appointment today. Everything looks great. My Dr. didn’t even mention my lack of taking the 3 hr. glucose test, so I didn’t bring it up either. He did another quick u/s. Baby is now head down and measuring around 34 weeks in size. He wants me to start having NST starting at 35 weeks due to “advanged maternal age”. I’m going to go ahead and do it, since a study done my the doctor that delivered my twins shows that it is warranted. He is going to try and get my c-section scheduled for Feb. 21. My next appointment is 2 weeks from monday, when I’ll be at 35 weeks.