A Visit to the Nixon Library

We visited the Nixon Library today. Since President Ford has passed away yesterday, there were a lot of news media at the library. There was a book for visitors to write messages to President Ford’s family. We all signed it. The highlight of the visit for the kids was the huge model train exhibit. They would have stayed there for hours watching it if we let them.

Low amniotic fluid levels

I went for my NST this morning. The good news is that the baby is very reactive and moving around a lot. The bad news is that the amniotic fluid levels dropped from 8.5 to 6.2. They want to see it over 8.5 and if it had been much lower they would not have let me leave. I’ve been put on bed rest for the weekend and told to drink as much water as I can. They will recheck it on Monday and if it doesn’t go up, they are going to deliver the baby. I’ll be exactly 36 weeks on Monday, so the baby should be fine if delivered then.