Pictures of Aidan’s Cut

I finally got Aidan to let me take a picture of his cut. He didn’t want me to take off the band-aid, but we needed to clean it and make sure it wasn’t getting infected. So, I insisted that we take it off. Since I had the studio all set up, I went ahead and did some shots in there.

Aidan Split His Head Open

Last night while taking a bath Aidan hit his head on the soap dish and opened a big gash on his eyebrow. We called his doctor to decide whether or not we needed to take him to the emergency room for stitches. After a long discussion, we ended up using some steri-strips that we had to close the wound. It seems to have worked really well. It had mostly stopped bleeding by the time we got off the phone with the doctor. There was only a bit of blood on the band-aid we had put over it last night when he woke up this morning. There is no blood on the new band-aid we put on before he went to school this morning. The doctor had us wake him up a couple of times in the night to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. I’ll try to get a picture of it next time we take off the band-aid.

Kayli’s Holiday Cotillion

Kayli had her holiday cotillion this evening. All the girls looked so pretty in their dressed and the room was decorated so nicely. It is always so much fun to watch the kids dancing. Kayli had a good time and especially enjoyed the ice cream sunday snack.

Our Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Dan’s parents, Dan’s sister, her kids and her fiance. We had tons of great food and all ate too much. Kayli once again made “Mr. Thankful Turkey” and slips of paper for us all to write what we were thankful for. Those were read between dinner and desert. We all agreed that we are very blessed to have such a great family and that we are very thankful for it.