Pumpkin Carving

This afternoon the kids and I carved pumpkins. We took them out in the backyard and set them all up on the table. The kids all had so much fun! They can’t wait to light them up tomorrow night.

Twins Preschool Costume Parade

The twins preschool had their Halloween costume parade today. Jared and Riley were so excited to wear their costumes to school. Jared is Superman and Riley is a Hot Wheels World Racer. I’m sure they will come home from school with way too much candy.

Sssh! Quiet!

Falyn is such a funny little girl. She recent started telling me “Sssh! Quiet!” whenever I tell her that she can’t do something she wants to do, for example, not sitting on the table. It is so cute because she puts her finger up against her nose instead of her mouth. It’s hard to keep from laughing.

Happy Birthday Dan!

Dan’s birthday was today. We had a nice little family party. We made him a birthday cake and Talia and Kayli decorated it. They insisted on putting on exactly the right number of candles too. We were afraid it might melt the cake with so many candles on it!

Orange Moon

This is the color of the moon as see last night from my backyard. I did not adjust the color at all in photoshop. This is exactly what it looked like. Hopefully the smoke will have mostly cleared up today and we will have a normal colored moon tonight.

Jared and Riley’s Fire Pictures

With all the fires going on this week, the twins wanted to do pictures of the firefighters working to put out the fires. These are the pictures they drew this morning during Mommy School. (I’ve been doing “Mommy School” every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 10 am with the twins to work on their writing and phonics.)

Crown Trouble Take Three

I went to the dentist to get the new crown put on this morning. I guess it should come as no surprise that this one cracked in exactly the same spot. My dentist said he has never seen this happen before. They called the lab guy to come over and look at it. He seemed equally mystified and declared that he would fix it and took off with the crown. My dentist isn’t holding out a lot of hope that the next one won’t crack too. I have the other cracked crown back on and still hoping it holds out till I get a non-cracked crown.