Brushed out his tooth!

I was brushing Aidan’s teeth a few night ago when he stated waving his hands around to get me to stop and then he spit out on the counter. I started to get mad at him asking him what he was doing spitting out on the counter like that and he told me that his tooth came out. I had no idea that his tooth was that loose! First time any of my kids has lost a tooth while they were being brushed! For those of you keep track, this is tooth #5 to come out.

It was the headgasket

Just heard from the repair shop, it is the headgasket. They fixed it and claim the car is now in working order. Well see… At least they are not charging us for the new radiator, the headgasket or the labor to fix it!

So, it’s not the radiator…

The repair shop called this evening and said that replacing the radiator did not fix the problem. They will have to work on it some more on Monday. It maybe a problem with the water pump that they replaced or the temperature gauge, which they also replaced. Anyone think else have doubts about it being fixed on Monday?


We’ve had the Rodeo in the shop since the week after Christmas. $5200 later and many replaced parts, we picked it up today. On the way home, smoke and fluid started coming out the tail pipe, the engine overheated and started to smoke. Somebody didn’t do something right when they repaired it. Dan was barely able to get it back home. He called the repair place and they sent a tow truck to take it back to the shop. In the meantime, he hosed off all the fluid that leaked all over the engine and the paint.

The repair place called us this evening and said it looks like the radiator blew up and they are going to replace it for free. Darn right you are! I’m not paying them to fix something they caused to break! They said the service department director is involved in this case and we should get it back tomorrow. We’ll see…

We Passed Final!

The inspector came today for our final inspection. He checked out the plugs and the plumbing and gave everything two thumbs up! He signed off on the final inspection, so we are official done with our addition. We still need to paint the outside of the house, finish Falyn’s room, install the flooring in the hallway by the stairs, put in a new stair railing and put wood on the stairs. I have no idea how long all that will take, but it is good to get a sign off from the city on this project.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before we started construction.

And here is what it looks like now.

Pinewood Derby

Yesterday Aidan’s Cub Scout Pack had a pinewood derby. Aidan’s car was 2nd fastest! He was so excited to get a ribbon. Aidan worked with his Dad to make the car. Aidan did the design for the shape and helped sand and paint it. He also put on the number stickers.

Kayli Started Flue Lessons

Kayli had her first flute lesson yesterday. She did really well at the lesson and then practiced a bunch we when got home. Not satisfied with just the three notes the teacher taught her, she wanted to learn how to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb". I helped her find the flute music online and how to do the notes and she has figured out how to play it. One good thing about a strong willed child, when they put their minds to something, they don’t stop till they figure it out.