Falyn’s 2 Year Check-up

Falyn had her two year old check-up today. As soon as we started walking back to the examining room, she started screaming. Since she is so big, we had to weigh her on the big kid scales. The scale had a bunch of stickers on the bottom, including a bunch of Carebear ones. Falyn adores Carebears and stopped crying when she say them. I told the nurse how much Falyn loves Carebears and the nurse went and got her several Carebear stickers. She held onto them the entire time we where there and was happy playing with them. She especially liked the ones that had a picture of one of the Carebears she has at home.

She started crying again as soon as the doctor came in to examine her. We managed to get her to stop and she was good for the rest of examine. She only had to have one shot and did cry from that, but was happy again soon after because the nurse brought her more Carebear stickers.

The doctor said that she is doing just great. She weighed 30.5 pounds and is around 34 inches tall. That put her around the 90th percentile for weight and 80th for height. She will go back when she turns three for her next check-up.

Falyn’s Birthday Party

Falyn had so much fun at her birthday party yesterday afternoon. She was so excited to open her presents and loved her cake. She has been having a blast playing with all her new stuff this morning.

Falyn’s Birthday Night

Falyn had so much fun last night. She adored her cake and was just beaming while we were signing Happy Birthday to her. She blew out the candles with just a bit of help from daddy. She was so excited about her presents. Those she opened all by herself saying “Wow” to each one as she opened it. Her big present this year is a play kitchen. We haven’t put it together yet though. She has been having a blast playing with all her other new presents this morning. Here’s a few pictures from last night.

Happy 2nd Birthday Falyn!

Falyn turned two today. It is hard to believe that it has been two years since she was born. The past two years have gone by so fast! Falyn is such a delightful child. She is always happy. She enjoys playing with her brothers and sisters. They all adore her and love to play her too. She thinks she is just as big as the twins and can do what ever they do.

We are having a family part to celebrate her birthday tonight and will have her party on Sunday.

Falyn moved into new room

Falyn moved into her new room on Saturday. Much to my surprise, she had no problem sleeping in her crib in her room. She has slept all night without waking up. She loves her new room and has lots of fun playing in it.

Scraves I knitted for Jared, Riley and Falyn

I finally finished all three scarves! They kids all love them. Falyn, who was wearing her scarf all over the house, refused to put it on when I wanted to take pictures of her in it. I called the twins into the room and had them put on their scarves for pictures. Seeing them wearing their scarves, Falyn immediately put hers on!

Falyn’s Valentine’s Outfit

I got this dress and the tights at Old Navy. it is big enough that it should fit her again next year. The outfit was a big hit! I got stopped several times at the mall by people telling me how cute it was. I also got a ton of comments at school pick-up about how adorable it was. Falyn loves it! She adores all the hearts.