Back to the iHospital

My gorgeous 24″ iMac died again. It wouldn’t boot, hard drive errors, can’t reload it, so it’s back to the iHospital. Seems like the hard drive has failed for good this time. Thank goodness for Time Machine! At least I haven’t lost any data, but it is a pain not having it. I won’t be editing any photos till I get it back. I don’t have the patiences to edit on my old, slow iMac.

Happy First Day of Fall!

Summer is official over with the start of fall today at 11:44:16 EDT. I am always sorry to see summer go and hate the ever shortening hours of daylight that come with fall. It does mean the start of the holiday season with Halloween on a few week from now, followed quickly by Thanksgiving and Christmas. These last few months of the year always fly by with so much to do and so little time to get it done. I hope you all had a good first day of fall!

“Jared, it’s looking at you, run!”

Riley is terrified of flies. I have no idea what caused this, but he freaks out anytime he sees one. During dinner last night, a pesky fly kept flying around as we tried to get rid of it. At one point it landed on the chandelier. Riley looked up at it and say it was looking in Jared’s direction and said, “Jared, it’s looking at you, run!” I could’t stop laughing, it was so funny! The girls thought it was hilarous too.

Overheard During Yard Duty

I was doing yard duty during recess today for the twins’ kindergarten class when I overheard this conversation between Jared and a girl in his class.

Girl, “Are you Jared or Riley.”
Jared, “I’m Jared.”
Girl, “You look just like Riley.”
Riley, “That’s because we are twins.”

New Scrappin’ Twins Blog

Today I added a Blog to my Scrappin’ Twins site. I copied all the Scrappin’ Twins posts from this blog over to that one and added a few new ones. You can check it out here. All posts about my Scrappin’ Twins business will now be placed in that blog.

Falyn’s First Day of Preschool

Falyn had her first day of preschool today. She will be going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She is going to the same preschool that the Twins and Aidan went too. She has been coming with me to drop off and pick up her brothers from this school since she was born. She was so excited that she finally gets to go there. She was thrilled that she gets to have her own basket and name bracelet. The other kids cried when they were dropped off this morning. Not Falyn. She said, "Bye mommy" and ran off to play. When I went back to pick her up she said, "Mommy, your back!" But then proceeded to start crying because she did not want to leave. She loves it there. The teacher said that at one point she did cry for a little bit but it only lasted for a few seconds. Falyn told me she was crying because she wanted to stay outside and play on the play equipement. She can’t wait to go back and is loooking forward to next Tuesday.

Here’s some more pictures from this morning.

Happy 11th Birthday Kayli!

Today was Kayli’s 11th birthday. It is hard to believe that she is that old! This year her birthday fell on Labor Day, which is fitting, since she was born on Labor Day. She is growing up to be such a beautiful, smart and talented individual. This year she started playing the flute and her teacher says that she is an “exceptional” student. She got straight “A”s all last year and is a great soccer player. She enjoys reading and likes to play on the computer.

Here’s some more pictures from her birthday.