Happy Halloween!

From left to right: Kayli, Talia, Falyn, Jared, Aidan, Riley
AKA: Dragon Faerie, Pirate, Sleeping Beauty, Anakin, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kanobi

We had a great Halloween! The kids spent a couple of hours trick-or-treating and got way to much candy. I’ll add more photos later.

Falyn’s Day at Disneyland

I made this video from clips taken today while Falyn and I were at Disneyland. She had so much fun! We were there from 10 am till around 2 pm. She was so tired when we left, that she fell asleep before I even turned onto Euclid! We had pizza at the pizza port for lunch and rode on a bunch of rides. Her favorite is the “horseys”, which we went on several times.

Pumpkin Patch Visit

I took Falyn to the pumpkin patch today. We had a great time! They have animals to look at, lots of pumpkins and some rides. Falyn’s favorite is the “horsey” ride. That is pretty much all she wanted to do. It was a struggle to get any pictures of her with the pumpkins. Here’s some of the ones from our visit.

Falyn Riding Her Scooter

I got a new HD Aiptek camcorder. I played around a bit with it taking some video of Falyn on her scooter. I then played around with the video in iMovie and created this video.

Silver is back!

We got our iMac, which is named “Silver”, back from the iHospital today. During the time it was gone, the kids kept saying “I miss Silver” and asking when we would get it back. Everyone is very happy that it is back and thanks to the magic of “Time Machine” it was a snap to reload it so it was exactly the way it was before the hard disk died. It basically took one click to restore all the data. If you don’t have Leopard on your iMac, you really should get it for this reason alone.