Falyn’s 3rd Birthday

Falyn had such a wonderful time on her birthday. Since her birthday fell on a Saturday, we were able to have her party on that day. The weather was just perfect, allowing us to have the party outside. I bought a parachute for the kids to play with at the party and it was a big hit. Even the big kids had fun playing with it. We also got the sandbox filled back up with sand and had the bubble machine going all during the party. Everyone had a great time! Here’s a video with highlight of the party:

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the party:

365 + 2 Days of Falyn

My year long project to take a picture a day of Falyn between her 2nd and 3rd birthdays is now complete. I ended up with 367 pictures in the series, one extra picture is due to leap day and the other so I would have a picture from her 3rd birthday to finish up the set.

My flickr friends can view a slideshow with all the pictures here.

Here’s some of my favorites:

Happy 3rd Birthday Falyn!

Today Falyn turns three! I can hardly believe she is already three years old. Seems like it was only a few months ago when I brought her home from the hospital. Here’s a picture of her when she was only a few days old.

Wasn’t she a cute baby? Almost over night that baby has turned into a vibrant, gorgeous little girl. She is so smart and so outgoing. She rarely stops talking and is always making us laugh. She is very active and running and jumping are just about her favorite things to do in the world. Her favorite color is still pink and her favorite animal is a horse. Her favorite tv shows are Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go and Wonder Pets. She loves to draw and is now able to draw recognizable objects. She also loves to sing and knows the words to a huge number of songs. She is so excited about her birthday party today and can hardly wait.

This Year’s Valentine’s

I took pictures for the Valentine’s last weekend and spent time this week to print them (4 per page), cut them out, cut slots for the lollipops and put the lollipops into them. I was very glad to have this project finished! They look super cute and were a big hit at Falyn’s party this morning. I’m sure they will be a hit at the other kid’s parties tomorrow. Here’s a close-up of each Valentine. The focus in the photo was placed on the hand, putting the face slightly out of focus to make it look like they are actually handing the lollipop out of the card.

Falyn’s Valentine

Riley’s Valentine

Jared’s Valentine

Aidan’s Valentine

Kayli’s Valentine


For the past two weeks Dan’s sister and her daughter Leanna have been visiting from the Neatherlands. Leanna is only a few months younger than Falyn. Leanna and Falyn had a lot of fun playing together. They are leaving tomorrow and Falyn was sad that she won’t be able to play with Leanna anymore. She told me that she wants to go visit Leanna sometime. Here’s a few more pictures of the two of them.

Riley Lost His Second Tooth!

Riley lost his second tooth tonight. He was watching tv and wiggling his tooth when out it popped! The tooth that came out is the bottom right tooth. It has been loose for a long time and he is glad that it finally came out. Here’s a few more pictures of the missing tooth.

Falyn’s New Racecar Bed

When we moved the twins from their racecar toddler beds to bunk beds, Falyn said she wanted one of their beds. Some people thought we were nuts to put a racecar bed into a princess room, but that is the bed she really wanted. She used to play on the beds when they were in the twins rooms. She would also climb into them at night and tell us she wanted to sleep there. We finally got around to moving her from her crib to the toddler bed today. She was so excited to get a racecar bed in her room. She did so well! She slept in it for the first time today during her nap. When put her in the bed and she went right to sleep! I was so amazed that she didn’t get up a bunch of times before falling asleep. She did the same thing when we put her to bed tonight. This has been the easiest crib to bed transistion of any of my kids. We had such a hard time when we moved the twins to beds that I was really dragging my feet on moving her to a bed. It took months before the twins would go in their beds, stay in them and go right to sleep. I am so happy that Falyn goes right to sleep in her new bed.

Here’s a few more pictures: