Bye-Bye Binky

Last night Falyn gave all her binkies to the Binky Fairie. She looked all over the house to make sure she had found all of them and we put them in a bag and put it in her bed. During the night the Binky Fairie exchanged her binkies for a present. She gave her a bucket and shovel, two trains and a barbie plate. She did very well going to sleep without the binkies and has only asked for them a few times. When she asks for them, we remind her that she gave them to the Binky Fairie and she is then fine with that. She is happy that her binkies are having a great in Binkyland with the Binky Fairie.

Here she is with all the binkies gathered up in a bag.

All tucked in with the binkies ready to go to the Binky Fairie.

With the stuff she got from the Binky Fairie.

Playing with her new trains.