Annual Christmas Card Photo Shoot

This year we did the Christmas Card Photo Shoot at the HB Pier. Traditionally we do the card shoot the day after Thanksgiving and this year was no exception. I’ve been planning this year’s shoot for several weeks. Trying to find matching outfits for such a wide range of sizes is no easy task. Since the boys are all about the same size, it is pretty each to get them matching outfits. But it is not easy to get something for Falyn that matches up with Talia and Kayli. I went with white and khaki because those colors are easy to find for all sizes. The kids weren’t too thrilled with my choice of clothing or having to take the pictures at the pier, but I really didn’t give them any choice. They did a good job of cooperating for the pictures, despite the cool windy conditions.

There were about a half dozen other families at the pier also doing pictures. It was a bit of a challenge to work around them to keep their families out of my pictures and my kids out of theirs. I am very happy with the pictures we got and plan to get several of them printed large, probably on canvas, to hang on the wall.

Here’s my favorites:

I also have to share this “out take” of Dan using the reflector to block the wind from the kids while we wait for the sun to come back out.

I’ll post the finished card after I have gotten them in the mail.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and hope you all did too! This year we had Thanksgiving dinner at Dan’s sister’s house. There was a ton of great food that was enjoyed by all.

We continued our tradition of “Mr. Thankful Turkey” this year. Everyone wrote down what they were thankful for and put the slips in the turkey. Kayli and Talia read the slips after dinner.

The kids kept themselves entertained playing games.

Aidan even learned how to play poker.

Riley Lost Two Teeth Today!

While I was with Kayli at her flute lesson, Riley had his daddy pull out his top right tooth. It had been about to fall out for days and was bugging him and he wanted it out. Later on, right before going to bed, Riley yanked out his loose bottom right tooth (the one next to the bottom middle teeth). Riley was so excited that he lost two teeth on the same day and couldn’t wait to see if he would get two coins for the two teeth. (He did.) This marks the 5th and 6th teeth he has lost. Now both twins have lost their two front teeth.

Mommy my tooth popped out and I can’t find it!

Today while eating breakfast, Jared jumped out of his seat and said, “Mommy my tooth popped out and I can’t find it!” After looking all around for it, we determined that he must have swallowed it. He was all worried that without the tooth, he wouldn’t get his money from the tooth fairy. I reassured him that he would still get his money. He is going to a cub scout sleep over at a museum tonight and since the tooth fairy does not like to go to places lots of people, I told him that I would help him write a note for the tooth fairy tomorrow explaining what happened.

This is the 5th tooth he has lost and it is the bottom right tooth next to the middle teeth.

Falyn’s Soccer Clinic

We enrolled Falyn in a soccer clinic that is held for the next several Saturdays. She is taking the class with her friend Samantha from preschool. She was so excited to be playing soccer and just loves playing it. She has a really good kick for a 3 year old. Looks like she is going to be one great soccer player as she gets older.

All Saints Day

The first graders dressed up as Saints for the All Saints Day mass today. Jared was St. John and Riley was St. James. They processed in at the start of mass and sat with their class. All the kids were very good at mass and they all looked so cute.


The kids all had a great time on Halloween and ended up with way too much candy. Kayli went trick-or-treating with her friend Lauren and Talia went with her friends Chloe and Anais. Dan took the boys and Falyn with some of the neighbors. This year Falyn was Tinkerbell, Jared was Captain Rex the clone trooper, Riley was Boba Fett, Aidan was Indiana Jones, Kayli was a ladybug and Talia was a faerie.