Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone loved their presents and spent all day playing with their new stuff.

Here’s all the kids with their stockings.

Here’s all the Santa presents.

The twins each got a DSi, Talia got a netbook, Kayli got the Disney Pop Hits Wii Sing It game, Aidan got the Extreme Challenge Wii game, and Falyn got Princess Dress-Up.

Here’s some assorted pictures of the fun.

We spent the evening at Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Ron’s house. The kids had another set of presents to open over there.

Christmas Eve 2009

We had a lovely Christmas Eve filled with all our family traditions: writing letters to Santa that are burned in the fire so they go directly to him, opening presents with new pajamas and ornaments, singing Christmas carols and reading “The Night Before Christmas” and the Christmas story from the Bible. The whole time the kids kept an eye on Santa’s location via NORAD Tracks Santa. As soon as Santa made it to the USA, the kids all ran off to bed! As everyone knows, Santa won’t stop at your house unless everyone is asleep and they wanted to make sure they were asleep before Santa made it to California. Here’s some pictures of all the fun.

All the kids in their new pajamas

Kayli reading “The Night Before Christmas”

Dan playing his guitar while we sang carols

The kids with their new ornaments

Making Christmas Ornaments

Today was made Christmas ornaments. Samantha came over to help out. The kids mostly made clay ornaments, except for Falyn who painted ball ornaments instead. Samantha and Aidan added on to there Spongebob themed ornaments with a Gary ornament this year. Talia again made a nativity ornament, this years being the best one she has made to date. I made a ball ornament out of shells we collected at the beach yesterday. Here’s some pictures of the fun:

Falyn’s Pony Pictures

Falyn loves horses. She was so excited when a photographer brought a pony to her school. She got to ride the pony, pet the pony and they took pictures of her on the pony. She was one of only a few kids to actually pet the pony. She couldn’t stop taking about how much fun she had with the pony. The pictures turned out so cute that I had to not only buy all of them, but get the CD too. Here’s the pictures:

Jared’s “I Am Special” Poster

Each week one of the students in his first grade class “child of the week”. This week it is Jared’s turn. Jared is so excited that this is his week! Part of being “child of the week” is bringing in a “I Am Special” poster containing pictures showing you when you were younger and showing things you like to do and places you like to go. Jared helped pick out the pictures and put them on the poster. He can’t wait to share the poster with his class this morning.