Too Hot For Fall

The outside temperature in my van read 108 degrees when I went to pick Falyn up from preschool at 12:30 pm today. It was crazy hot! In many places in Southern California it was the hottest day ever since they started keeping records. It was so hot that the AYSO ordered all soccer practices canceled for the day. It’s days like these that make me very glad we have an the A/C. I’ve had it running all day. It is supposed to stay hot the rest of the week, but isn’t supposed to climb back up into triple digits.

Talia Knocked Out Jared’s Tooth

Jared was clearing the table while Talia was putting dishes into the dishwasher when a plate Talia was putting in the dishwasher collided with Jared mouth while he was putting a glass on the counter. He mouth was all bloody and when I looked at it his tooth fell out into my hand. It has been loose for a while and would have fallen out on it’s own soon. This makes the third sibling to have knocked a baby tooth out of Jared’s mouth, with Aidan and Riley being the other two culprits.

Jared’s Creation Picture

I love this picture Jared drew at school. It depicts God adding color to the world during creation. I love how he showed God adding brown to the tree trunk, yellow to the sun and flowers, blue to the sky and green to the trees and grass. I thought it was so creative and had to scan it so save forever.

Aidan Won 2nd Place in Game at Cotillion

In the middle of all the drama with the truck in the ditch yesterday, I had to take Aidan to his first cotillion of the year. I rushed out and didn’t bring a camera with me. Luckily one of my friends did and captured the picture above. (Thanks CeCe!) Aidan asked Kelsey to dance with him for the game. Last year Aidan and Kelsey won first place at this very same game. The game involves spinning a huge coke bottle and if it points to you, you are out. I was amazed that they made it all the way to second place this year, winning big bags of M&Ms. Aidan told me that he would rather have the M&Ms than the first place prizes and was thrilled to have won them.

Truck Crashed Into Ditch Behind Our House

On the way home from school this afternoon we turned on the road behind our house that we normally take to come home and found it was blocked off. There were a ton of firetrucks and police cars there. We turned around and went home a different way. Once home, we ran upstairs to see what was going on and saw that there was a truck upside down in the ditch. There were seven fire engines, six police cars and eight motorcycle cops parked in the street behind our house. We found out later that a group of three teenage boys, all high school seniors at local schools, had been in the truck. Amazingly, two of the boys made it out without life threatening injuries. Their friend was not so lucky. He as pronounced dead at the scene. An eyewitness said they were going fast, lost control, flipped a few times before plugging into the ditch. It is all so sad. The police finally left the scene around 9:30 pm. There have been lots of news vans there since they opened up the street. Friend/family have show up and set up a memorial at the site. You can read the news story here.

Kayli Hurt Her Elbow

Kayli fell on her elbow last night at soccer practice. She can barely move it and says it hurts a lot. We spent today taking her to the doctor and getting x-rays. Luckily it isn’t broken, just a bad sprain. She has a sling to wear till it is better and she can’t play soccer till it stops hurting.

Soccer Saturday

I was able to go to all four soccer games today. The day started with Aidan’s game at 9 am. Aidan’s team did great, winning their game.

Then we were off to Falyn’s game at noon. The game went well, except when Falyn slide tackled a tiny little girl on the other team. The other girl didn’t even have the ball. I was horrified! I didn’t see it, but I’m told it was a perfectly executed slide tackle. She must have learned how to do it from watching world cup soccer. She now knows that slide tackles are not allowed in U6.

After Falyn’s game, we went through a drive-thru to get everyone lunch. Then we headed off to the twins’ 2 pm game. Their team lost again, but they are starting to play together better as a team.

After their game, I took Kayli to her 4:30 pm game. Her team won again 1-0.

Riley Lost Tooth #8

We were backing out of the driveway to go to Falyn’s soccer game today when Riley says, “My tooth came out!”. I drove back up the driveway and Riley handed me his tooth. He was also bleeding, so I ran inside and got him some ice to put on it. I put the tooth in a ziplock, stuck it on the bulletin board so we didn’t loose it and ran back to the car so we could leave. We arrived a bit later than I wanted, but made it there before the game was scheduled to start. There is never a dull moment around my house!

Soccer Season

Today marked the beginning of soccer games for this season. This year we have five kids on four teams, with only Talia not playing soccer. That makes for a very busy week of getting kids to/from soccer practices and a very busy Saturday with four games we have to shuttle kids to and from. Today’s games were at 9:00 am (Kayli), 11:30 am (Aidan), Noon (Falyn) and 2:00 pm (Twins). Kayli and I are coaching Falyn’s team, which means we were not able to make Aidan’s game today. We all got to see Kayli’s game, then Dan went with Aidan to his game and the rest of us went to Falyn’s game, got lunch at a drive-thru and just made it to the twins’ field in time for their game. It was a crazy day, but a fun one.

Kayli’s team won their game 5-0 and Kayli even scored a goal!

This was Falyn’s first soccer game ever. He team did really well and they all seemed to have fun.

The twins had fun at their game too. Jared is number 6 this year and Riley is number 8. So the coaches can tell them apart, he got Jared blue shoe laces and Riley green shoe laces.

Falyn’s First Day of Preppy K

Today was Falyn’s first day of preppy K. This will be her last year of preschool. I can’t believe she will be in kindergarten next year! She has been asking me daily for weeks if she gets to go to school today. She was so excited she finally got to go back to school. She loves school so much.

She had a huge smile all morning.

She could not wait to wear her new shoes.

Lining up to go into the classroom.