Merry Christmas!

We are having an absolutely wonderful Christmas. We started the day letting the kids open their stockings and see what Santa brought them. We then had our traditional breakfast – coffee cake. After that we sorted all the presents into piles and started opening them. We were so happy to have my parents here for the holiday this year. This evening we will go over to Dan’s parents house for dinner and more presents.

Falyn got Zoobles from Santa.

Jared and Riley got Bakugans.

Aidan got a DSi XL

Kayli got a stack of books

Talia got rollerblades

Christmas Eve

The children are tucked in bed waiting for Santa’s to visit. We had our traditional Christmas Eve activities: 4 pm Mass, dinner, opening of new pj’s and ornaments, singing of carols and reading “The Night Before Christmas” and the nativity story from the Bible. All the while we kept track of Santa’s current location, with the kids hurrying off to bed as soon as he made it to North America.







All six ready to read “The Night Before Christmas”