Talia Won District 4 Award of Excellence

Talia’s entry for the Reflections Program won the Award of Excellence. Talia entered a poem that she wrote for this year’s theme “Together We Can”. Her entry now goes on to the California state competition. The District 4 competition was between all the individual school districts in Orange County. Each of the school districts selects the Award of Excellence winners from the best entries of each school. Those winners goes on to be compete with all the other winners in Orange County. Then the winners from Orange County go on to the State competition. The State PTA will then select the entries to send on to the National competition.

Trying out the underwater camera in the heated pool

We were finally able to heat the pool this weekend. Everyone enjoyed playing in the warm water. I loved sitting in the hot spa. I let the kids play with the underwater camera I bought last summer to use in the pool. Dan had to take a turn playing with it and shot this video.

Here’s some of my favorites from the over 200 pictures they took.

Cub Scout Religious Awards

Jared, Riley and Aidan received their Cub Scout Religious Awards today. Jared and Riley received the Light of Christ Award and Aidan Received the Parvuli Dei award. The all worked very hard last summer to complete all the requirements for this award.

First Time in the Pool

The cold water temperatures didn’t stop the kids from jumping in the pool as soon as they pool guy told them they could dive in. They had a lot of fun exploring all the places they could jump off of and swimming all around the pool. I’m waiting till we can turn on the heater before I get in.

Percy Visits Falyn

Percy the Pig got to visit Falyn this weekend. He goes home each weekend with one child in her preschool class. At the end of the weekend, they write about their weekend. They then get to share it with the class the next week. Percy got to share in the excite of the pool being plastered and filled. Here’s a better look at the pictures.